Welcoming Carsyn: A Fresh 48

I feel documenting birth is so powerful, yet I understand that birth stories may not be for everyone. However, I do feel that documenting the first moments of your child’s life is invaluable. These are the images that will transport you back in time when you are 100 years old. The ones that will help you remember how you felt, what your baby looked like (they change SO MUCH in the first week), what your baby smelt like, the softness of their fresh skin, the slight upturn of their button nose, the wrinkles of their tiny feet, I could go on and on. This is the magic of a Fresh 48 session. During a Fresh 48 I come into your place of birth and document you with your child unposed, as you are. This gives my clients the opportunity to freshen up and think about what it is that they truly want to capture. Perhaps you want to document your child(ren) meeting the new addition for the first time. For others it could be new parents soaking up the mind blowing experience of having their first child. Some Mamas want to document the beginning of their nursing journey. In other instances it could be documenting the first moments of adoption or surrogacy. The beauty of a Fresh 48 is that it is unique to every family. I am overjoyed when clients who want their birth experience documented and also want a Fresh 48 because I have been there and looking back I understand that there is no such thing as over documenting the most precious moments in life. So, if you are on the fence about birth documentation, consider a Fresh 48. I can promise you it is something you will not regret.