Melissa Lane

Hello, I am Melissa! I am a mother, wife, photographer, lover of Earth and free spirit. I am a Wisconsin native but I have lovingly called Phoenix, Arizona my home for over a decade. I am an autism advocate and a proud co-founder of Spectrum Inspired. I live to travel, laugh until my belly aches, and always spread the love.

My art is a direct reflection of what I feel is the most valuable, fleeting, breathtaking moments that this life has to offer. My heart is truly in documenting birth and parenthood. When I create photographs I love freezing genuine, true life moments. Capturing life's little details, the human connection and raw emotions are what I dig the most. I want my work to make you see the intense beauty that is the story of your life and for you to always remember not just the moments, but to ignite the feelings you felt in these moments. Today, tomorrow and 100 years from now.

Let's make magic together!

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